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Rubber Dam

Why Rubber Dam in post Covid-19 times.

The use of rubber dams can significantly minimize the production of saliva- and blood-contaminated aerosol or spatter, particularly in cases when high-speed handpieces and dental ultrasonic devices are used. It has been reported that the use of rubber dam could significantly reduce airborne particles in ~3-foot diameter of the operational field by 70% (ASDC J. Dent. Child 56, 442–444, 1989). 

When rubber dam is applied, extra high-volume suction for aerosol and spatter should be used during the procedures along with regular suction (J. Am. Dent. Assoc. (1939)135, 1292–1302, 2004). In this case, the implementation of a complete four-hand operation is also necessary. 

Overview of course content.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Armamentarium

Module 3: Preparation1

Module 4: Preparation2

Module 5: Clamps

Module 6: Types of isolation 

Module 7: What clamps to buy

Module 8: Steps in isolation

Module 9: Clinical case

Module 10: Isolation video

Module 11: Additional content

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