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My story

The journey of learning.

Here's my story. As a teenager my first visit to the dentist got me so interested that I decided to pursue it as my career. Graduation was where life was fun, carefree and I enjoyed every bit of it. This was followed by post graduation by a mentor who moulded me into what I am today. 


After that my story was just like any other postgraduate pass out. I started with the daily grind of being a consultant at clinics across the length and breadth of my city apart from having my own clinic. Add to that the economic responsibilities of raising  a family. 


Years passed by and my earlier case failures started haunting me. Even though they were few and far in between, they made me introspect on where I was going wrong. I felt  that my treatment protocols should be more predictable. I needed to unlearn the wrong and relearn the new. The information that I was gathering from multiple sources i.e. courses , reading literature was all scattered. 


Getting to the core content that I actually needed for solving my clinical difficulties was a task for me . I had no choice but to go through the lengthy process of trial and error, all in the hope of finding a better way of doing things. To teach all that I learnt along the way, I started conducting lectures and weekend workshops. 


Investing in a fully loaded Carl Zeiss Opmi Pico microscope ,transformed my clinical work completely. I started documenting the most mundane routine cases and started posting my cases on social media and the response was very encouraging. 


I have always believed in evolving with the times. Here's a glimpse of my last 7 yrs in teaching:

Endoguide: lecture  and demo 

Endofinisher: a 3 days complete Endo workshop 

RDX: The first and only, 2 day extensive hands on rubber dam  workshop in India

One to one dental microscope training course

Rubber dam online course on Teachable .


Staying in tune  with the times is a continuous process. As I evolve in my journey, my course content evolves too.


With this website, I am trying to create a community where we can help each other and grow together. You will find a lot of free resources in the form of articles, videos, FAQs etc. that help you conquer your daily practice challenges.


There are specific e-learning courses I have designed which you can take up at your own convenience and learn at your own pace. Apart from that you will find a lot of workshops that you can attend where you not only learn but also share knowledge and network with like minded people.


So folks, here’s to the new journey of transformation!

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