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Your patients will start calling you a genius.

Learn practical dentistry outside the text book that you can apply everyday and transform your practice.

Dr. Niranjan Vatkar

How does it work?

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Clinical and practical dentistry

Best practices across the globe

Quick tips and techniques

Solutions on common issues

During our hands on practice sessions

When you practice on your own

In your daily practice

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Build confidence like never before

Improve your techniques

Become a champion of new techniques

Grow your practice

Dr. Niranjan Vatkar

Hi! I'm Dr. Niranjan Vatkar

A clinician and teacher with a decade of experience in Endodontics & Adhesive dentistry. I have mentored over a thousand clinicians from all over the globe.


Dentistry has evolved over the years much beyond the textbooks that we learnt it from. And it keeps evolving every single day. We have to stay updated with new skills and techniques.


The transition to learning all that I teach was a long process of trial and error. It was difficult for me to learn new stuff due to lack of resources back then. As a teacher, I believe that there is always a simpler way to teach. With this purpose, I bring to you this website to make things easier for you to be on top of your game.


Dentistry made simple!










What people have to say?

Dr Krunal Birawant Dentist.jpg

Dr. Krunal Birawat

The most unique thing that I liked about this course was hands-on conducted on day 2 with so many different models, so many different clinical scenarios which is almost like doing over 50 isolations that you might encounter in your day to day practice.

Dr Priyanka Rathi Dentist.jpg

Dr. Priyanka Rathi

I have known sir for a long time and his work is very precise and to the perfection. That’s the best part about him and that’s the reason I was really waiting for the course. The best part of the course is that there is a lot of hands on and clinical experience – that’s the unique thing. Most of the courses are more of lecturing and there are very few courses on rubber dam. Rubber dam is something that I wanted to incorporate in my practice and that’s the reason I came for this course. It’s an amazing course and everyone should do it.

Dr Pradyna Kale Dentist.jpg

Dr. Pradnya Kale

It being a course by Dr. Niranjan Vatkar, I knew that a course that he is taking will be full of tips and tricks which will be really helpful in clinical work. That is the reason why I opted for this course. After coming for this course , I am very happy and satisfied with the entire course because there are many take home points and the hands on experience is very extensive. Sir has made sure that in the hands on all types of difficult case scenarios are taken care of.

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